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We've helped 2,266 dogs get fixed since our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program began in November 2009!
(and many cats, too)spne-paw.jpg
We need your help to help dogs: consider a donation to help rebuild our spay/neuter fund.
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Please read about our Fix-A-Bull Program for pit bull dogs.

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Happy Paws Happy Homes is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that serves as a liaison between rescues, shelters, the public, and dogs. We do not have a physical facility that you
can visit where the dogs on this website are "housed." Some of the dogs on this site are still in shelters. Others are in a rescue group. Some are courtesy posted for families who need to find another home for their pet.

We love dogs! We work with and for dogs that need to find their forever homes. The sad reality is that there is not an available home for every dog. A large part of our group's mission is to promote spay/neuter and the adoption option. We must emphasize that spaying and neutering companion animals is critical to ending pet overpopulation. For every dog that finds a home, many do not.

FAQ: What is Happy Paws Happy Homes?

Answer: HPHH is a non-profit outreach group that promotes spay/neuter and the adoption option to the public. These are some of the ways we help:
The Animals:
  • Provide low-cost spay/neuter days and vouchers. Fixed pets lived longer, healthier lives!
  • Transport homeless dogs to rescues, homes, adoption events, and veterinary visits
  • Advocate and network for dogs in need of homes
Animal Shelters:
  • Provide supplies that are needed to enhance the care of shelter animals
  • Promote the adoption option on behalf of shelter dogs and help maintain online advertising of these dogs
  • Conduct pre-adoption counseling and home visits to match families with the right dogs for their lifestyle
  • Conduct post-adoption follow-up calls and visits
  • Provide transportation for shelter pets to veterinary appointments and rescue
The Public
  • Provide spay/neuter assistance to families
  • Crosspost dogs who need to be rehomed and help responsibly place them in homes
  • Offer educational programs to schools and community organizations about animal welfare issues